Commercial Content

At heart we are a full-service production company with over 20 years of experience across documentary, drama and animation. What’s more – we have an animation and VFX studio in-house meaning all the creativity and master-planning happens under one roof! We take our pioneering principles from the world of cinema and apply them to create unique content that wows audiences at a global scale. From conception of idea to delivery of final project we take care of the whole process all in close collaboration with our innovative clients.

An animated girl runs atop of a roof in the dark.



Over the last two decades we have established a community of some of the most talented directors and creative allies for every type of project imaginable. Working with Submarine means every step of the process from concept to delivery will be taken care of by seasoned professionals.


We are an Emmy award-winning production company with Netflix, Amazon, Disney and Warner Bros among our many clients.

Below is a selection of our premium content for the big and small screen.

Sandman - A Dream of a Thousand Cats 017